Wings 2014 Camp Report

This summer Merlins and Buzzards scouts joined together to take 40 scouts to WINGS, an international camp which takes place in Windsor Great Park every 5 years. There were about 6000 scouts and guides from about 30 countries. The fields were buzzing with different languages with the iconic Squircle at the heart. Activities available were incredibly varied and included wheelchair racing, overground caving, rifle shooting, rafting, mop hockey and Bollywood dancing! Learning about other cultures during the World Fair, swapping badges with groups from near and far and the lively night life all made vivid impressions on scouts and leaders alike.

Here are some comments from the scouts who went:

  • ‘WINGS was a fantabulous experience – all of us learned a lot from it.’
  •  ‘We had lots of fun and met lots of new people from many different countries.’
  • ‘We all made friends we will never forget!’
  • ‘As well as new people there were new experiences and new activities. In each of the zones everyone learnt something different or tried a skill that they had never done before. We all had something to take away with us (including great memories)!’
  • ‘I liked the experience of meeting new people!’
  • ‘WINGS 2014 was amazing, I loved it. The activities were amazing.’