Big Hearted Beavers go the Extra Mile (or Two!)

Beavers went the extra mile to help those in need in Wokingham by completing a night hike from their Scout Hut in Woosehill to deliver food donations to the Foodbank collection point at Waitrose. The youngsters filled their backpacks with goodies such as tea, rice, pasta, breakfast cereal and toiletries and then walked nearly two miles in the dark to make the drop off. Along the way, Beavers practiced their Green Cross Code as part of their Safety badge. Well done to all of them for being so committed and kind.

New focal point taking shape

A new focal point is taking shape in the grounds of the 1st Woosehill Scout Group in Chestnut Avenue. Contrary to popular belief the mysterious shape isn’t a crop circle or alien landing pad but the ground work and outline for a brand new fire pit with purpose built seating. The work being carried out in the photos by none other than the Group’s very own Group Scout Leader, Steve Capel, has been funded by a donor who knows from their own experiences that camp fire evenings are a highlight for all 1st Woosehill members, be they Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers through to the adult leaders, volunteers and families. Work is quickly progressing, so watch this page to find out when the first fire will be lit to ‘launch’ the new facility!