Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee

1st Woosehill Scout Group is a charity with Charity Trustees. Our Trustees are volunteers and members of a group known as the Executive Committee. In Scouting, The Group Executive Committee essentially makes sure that the best quality Scouting is delivered to young people in Woosehill. Members are elected by parents and Committee at the Group’s Annual General Meeting that normally takes place in the summer term.

Section leaders are also members of the Committee. The volunteers that make up the Committee give their time to ensure that Scouting continues to meet its charitable purpose: safely and legally. All Executive Committee members are parents with children at 1st Woosehill. Each member has different skills to offer, come from different backgrounds and have varying experiences. This helps to ensure a variety of perspectives and a more rounded and effective Executive Committee.

Responsibilities include finance, safety, insurance, building and grounds maintenance, care and purchasing of equipment, insurance and fundraising.

Our current Group Executive Committee is:

Chair Philip Wells
Secretary Stephanie Edwards
Treasurer Stuart Faria
Hall Booking co-ordinator Fatosh Lewis
Quartermaster Bill Watson
Maintenance Tim Senior
Fundraising VACANCY


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