The Fundraising Chair is a really worthwhile and rewarding role for a motivational, team player. But do not despair, this isn’t a one-person role! The Chair will be responsible for managing a small but essential team of parents and helpers to benefit the smooth operation of events and fundraising activities throughout the calendar year. The Chair is responsible for overseeing the effective running of the team, motivating people and parents and must be happy to badger people to help out! That said, the leaders and Executive committee members are well versed in what is successful in terms of raising funds and have a wealth of experience to assist the Fundraising Chair.

It is the Fundraising Chair’s responsibility to liaise with the Executive Committee, Leaders and parents to facilitate the raising of funds throughout the year. These funds are used to maintain the smooth and effective running of 1st Woosehill Scout Group by enabling them to purchase required items but more importantly, the funds are essential for the smooth running and maintenance of the Scout Hut.

The Fundraising Chair and their team must do this by organising and running some key events throughout the year; identifying the events that were successful from the previous year’s means that event/fundraising models are already in place (quiz nights, May fair, bag packing) but it’s great if they can have some new ideas and a fresh approach to hopefully increase income!