There are a huge number of badges available to young people across all sections of Scouting. Some of these might be to reward proficiency or endeavour in a certain skill area, while others might be for time spent in the movement, for becoming a member of the next section, or for taking part in particular challenges or expeditions

To learn more about the available badges for each section follow the links below to the website:

For details of badge placement, check out our diagrams here.

Lest We Forget – The Scouting Memorial Project

The Scouting Memorial Project is a national campaign designed to raise awareness of “Remembrance”. It aims to raise funds to build and maintain a Scouting memorial to remember those who have given service to Scouting and their communities, especially those members of Scouting who have suffered through conflict.

Please visit the website to learn more about the project, including being able to support the project through the purchase of a badge.

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